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The Finest Protein Powder For Those That Demand Excellence No Matter Your Fitness Level

The Finest Protein Powder For Those That Demand Excellence No Matter Your Fitness Level - Live Lean PRO®

I understand your frustrations about finding the best protein powder because I've been there before and that is the exact quest that drove me to arrive at this point.

Just like you, I was confused about the endless sea of protein powder products and brands, all claiming to build lots of muscle and all be as effective as each other, how can they all be incredible products? And many if not just about all of the ones you've tried, often taste odd, bloat your stomach, cause digestive stress and don't give you the results you're looking for. Worse still, some could actually be harmful to your body as we as consumers don’t really know what's in these protein powders.

Personally, I was disappointed with the supplements I was taking because I wasn't gaining muscle like I'd expected to as they promised so i kept searching for the protein powder that would have this promised effect - the overwhelming majority caused me to waste thousands of dollars on supplements and many hours of workouts. But nothing is ever wasted, each product was a stepping stone of feedback and learning, getting ever closer to the one i was searching for.

I've been a competitor my whole career (as a national level BMX competitor since age 6, high level regional swimming championships to national and professional level cricketer, bodybuilder and businessman in health and fitness), I've always had a mindset of excellence in everything I do. So I could never settle for less than the best, especially when it came to sports nutrition and that high level drive and tenacity i got from sports was what i needed to see this quest through.

That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I became obsessed with discovering how to make the human body perform more efficiently so that anyone can build the body they aspire to no matter what their level of physicality. I knew that there had to be a superior protein, I just hadn’t found it yet.

Along my journey, I was fortunate to work with some incredible lab techs and sports scientists in their respective fields who had this same passion for helping people reach the next level of physical development. These scientists developed their products purely to achieve that goal. One man, Peter Memete rose to the pinnacle of my search as the stand alone sports scientist with a deep rooted obsession and unwavering drive for not just the best, but to create products that were previously unimagined, he was unlike anyone i've ever met. Peter was previously an international-level judo and bodybuilding 5 x world champion, he and I shared the same elite mindset engrained from a young age. The stage was set.

Peter had already created the most amazing protein I had ever seen called HP100. Nothing had come close during my global search. From the moment i independently tested HP100 and saw the stunning results, i knew Peter had created a product that would revolutionize the entire supplement industry and forever change the way we view sports nutrition. We immediately teamed up working together over the next decade. After much development, research, testing, and refinement, and thousands upon thousands of customers saying HP100 was the best protein on the market by far. With Peter’s genius we took his original HP100 and developed our own LIVE LEAN PRO HP100 protein powder which raised the bar again with unmatched levels of effectiveness and new flavor technology making it truly delicious, ultimately nutritious and of the Highest Performance possible and is exactly what the health and fitness world has been waiting for.

If you want a quick answer, here are 5 reasons why the HP100 is the best protein supplement  in the market:

1. We guarantee You will see results in just 14 days because our advanced NANO technology reduces HP100 protein peptides thousands of times smaller, your body can now absorb HP100 at a vastly superior rate, for a new level of results unmatched by anything else on the market.

2. We only use the finest ingredients to ensure the absolute unmatched quality. If we wouldn't put it in our own bodies, we don't want it in yours either.

3. No nasty side effects. This means no more uncomfortable bloating and digestive issues guaranteed. Females this means absolutely zero bloating! Guaranteed!

4. It has a long 20-year plus history of proven success within the Australian market for being the best of the very best.

5. You can try it risk-free with our 100% money-back guarantee on Purity, Quality and Product Performance!! We are so confident in our product that we're the only brand on the planet to give this offer.

    Try HP100 and unlock the finest version of you


    If you're a person that likes to go into details, keep reading. I like that you love information because I'm exactly like that also. It's how you get to really know why you're putting something into your body for a desired result. Knowledge is only power when you apply it right? I'm now going to share all the shocking discoveries I made about the fitness industry in my 20 plus years in the industry and how HP100 is designed to overcome these hurdles.

    Why other protein powders are wasting your time and money

    When I began my journey into finding the best protein powder products, here were some of the most unethical things I learned about the industry:

    • They don't work because the protein molecules are too big for efficient absorption

    Here's what you need to know: Proteins are the building blocks of muscles as we know well by now. After a tough workout session, your muscles are microscopically damaged and they need protein to help repair them. Protein dense food sources make up the bulk in your diet and protein powders add further support to accelerate recovery from workouts, so that you can come back faster and stronger for the next session, optimizing recovery, elevating performance and adding lean muscle, shape and tone.

    The problem with most protein powders is that not much of it actually gets absorbed into your system. From research done over a decade ago by a famous sports scientist Author L Rea who invented HumaPro, a protein designed for the human body. His studies show only around 16% of the protein in most powders actually has a positive effect on your muscle with very low nitrogen retention (the higher the nitrogen retention in muscle cells, the more muscle building occurs). This huge 16% waste is because the typical protein powder molecules are too large to be absorbed into your system, which causes up to 84% to go to waste (some of the "biggest brands” proteins are in this range). They simply do not work as they appear.

    What does this mean for your body? Well, with less than 20% of what your consuming going to use, you're not going to see the recovery and muscle-building you want because you're not getting enough protein, while you just put added digestive stress on your liver and kidneys and wear n tear on your digestive system, with very little reward if any.

    • They make you waste a lot of time, effort, and money 

    As you've learned, most of the nutrients in regular protein powders get digested, processed through your stomach, small intestine, liver and kidneys, and then passed out. So if you're spending $100 on a tub, up to $84 of it or maybe more is literally going down the drain. And since you're not absorbing most of the nutrients in your protein shakes, your workouts are also being compromised when they could be getting optimized!

    • Supplement store staff balance having your best interest with making maximum margins.

    Store staff aren't often educated deeply enough really to understand human biology and how it interacts with protein supplements beyond the basic overall benefits that protein offers and really know exactly what the true manufacturing practices are of supplement companies. It is a jungle out there. Now there are exceptions of course with certain shops and chains absolutely fastighous on the products they sell and their knowledge of not just the products but of the industry is of highest caliber, but they are rare. In the majority of shops, the helpful but mostly surface knowledgeable staff are there to sell you the product that gives the store the highest margins. This means you get sold unknowingly by the sales person and yourself the brands of the lower quality and cheapest possible ingredients often from China, loaded with impurities - These inferior powders that only take a couple of days to slap together. Yes and the vast majority of these, with rare exceptions, are in fact the biggest brands you see everywhere, they have the highest margin and biggest marketing budgets for stores because they are so cheap to make. Thats the dark little secret they don't want you to know about, the big brands that we all know and thousands upon thousands trust do not have the highest quality that they market to you. There has been independent testing over the years that named and shamed some of those big brands so how do you get round all this to the protein that over delivers? Let’s change gears.

    What's different about Live Lean PRO HP100 protein powder supplement?

    • NANO technology makes the protein peptides molecules vastly smaller for optimal absorption

    The difference in HP100 mainly comes down to 2 factors: our ingredients and our process. We only use the best raw quality whey available to make HP100 so only top-grade protein enters your system from the start point.

    True hydrolysation to the absolute optimum level is next to ensure the most amount of muscle building peptides are available to the muscle

    Then our advanced NANOtechnology filtration process ensures that our proteins are broken down into peptides that are 3500 times smaller than what we started with (regular proteins look like clumpy sand in comparison) . This allows maximum absorption into your system for unmatched results guaranteed.

    Once completed over 8 weeks of development the completed HP100 nano peptide extract now is able to bypass digestion in the stomach via absorption directly through the membranes of your mouth, throat, and stomach - enabling HP100 to enter your bloodstream at a much accelerated rate. This means dramatically improved recovery, muscle tone and size, strength etc, whatever your training for simply happens faster and develops the body in a fuller, leaner and stronger way.

    • You see much faster results in just 14 days - better muscle building, accelerated recovery

    Using HP100, you can expect to see the results within 14 days, the majority experience physical change you can see and feel in just 3-5 days. Imagine seeing results like that from a protein powder. It's so powerful we 100% Money Back Guarantee product performance, that means our customers are seeing and feeling results in just 14 days or money back, and we have not returned a single tub in 20 years. Literally the only performance guarantee on any protein powder on the market because it's unlike any protein powder on the market. Period.

    • It's gentle on your body — no annoying side effects

    Now because the direct peptide absorption of HP100 does not impact your stomach, you get none of the usual side effects like bloating and digestive discomfort associated with other protein powders. This makes it a savior for anyone with gluten and lactose sensitivities and people who have IBS or suffer bloating from protein powders can enjoy HP100 and reap the awesome benefits without suffering. Once again, guaranteed.

    • HP100 is the only protein powder with a 100% money-back guarantee on product performance, quality and purity!

    Unlike other protein brands, we truly put the goals of our customers first. That is the reason we go to this extreme length to make the most incredible protein we can for you, for us, for the planet to experience that amazing feeling of seeing your own physical progress from our product. Results you can see and feel, you deserve nothing less than the pinnacle of what's possible for you and only HP100 can take you there, the magic formula that drives physical change.

    So put it to the test for yourself, we 100% return your money if you're not satisfied with the performance, quality or purity of HP100. Yes, we're that confident about our product and we're the only brand that dares to offer this performance guarantee. You have only the Finest version of Yourself to gain!

    Discover the finest version of you with HP100 today

    Try HP100 today and see the Finest You take shape now

    At the end of the day, we are razor focussed to help the people achieve the finest versions of themselves in the safest and most ethical way possible, truly raising the bar for what's truly possible on this frontier of new technology. This is because we understand your difficulties. We were sick and tired of brands that are more interested in profits than people's health and fitness. We built HP100 for you to side step all that guess work and get straight to the new technology that delivers.

    We have done the work, done years of research and HP100 product development so that you can achieve the goals you've set for yourself, end of story.

    This makes HP100 a completely risk-free investment in the development of your health and body.

    So put HP100 into your body and become the Finest You! I wish you all the best and Live Lean PRO will always be here to support you on this journey. “WE’RE BEHIND YOU”


    Try HP100 risk-free with our 100% money-back guarantee

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