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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s so great about a protein powder being finer than the others, anyway?
A lot of people don’t know that when you drink standard protein powder, you only absorb 16% of it. You actually lose 84% of it through the digestion process. Thanks to nano-filtration, hydrolysis and peptide separation (allowing membrane-level absorption) the HP100 particle size allows 99.9% uptake to your muscle. Long story short: The finer the powder, the better the absorption, the faster the recovery. The faster the recovery, the quicker you can reach your goals.

I have dietary requirements / food sensitivities. Are these products okay for me to try?
HP100 is gentle on the body (no bloating, no digestive stress, allergen friendly, lactose and gluten free). If you’re vegan, definitely try our vegan protein – launching later this year!

When can I expect results?
Alongside your fitness, HP100 will begin to give you the results you’re looking for within 14 days.

Who are the people behind LiveLeanPro? What’s your story?
Read our story here, and learn more about our team of experts here!

Every protein powder company says theirs is the best. How can I know who to trust?
No matter what protein powder you’re using, you can tell the difference pretty quickly when it comes to you body’s recovery. We believe that our proof is in the pudding and we have a 100% money back guarantee to show you that we back our product. We know it’s a tough landscape out there when it comes to finding a protein powder without hidden nasty ingredients, that actually does what it claims to. That is why we started Live Lean Pro – because we wanted to bring a product with real integrity to the market, using the best technology. 

Is this powder safe if I’m pregnant?
Yes! For peace of mind, we recommend finding the product on the site you’re most interested in and running our transparent ingredients list by your GP or physician. We consider our products to be pregnancy-friendly, but everyone’s body has different needs and it’s always best to check.

Do I have to be a pro to use this powder?
No way. When we say that everybody deserves the finest product, we mean it. We’ve created this powder for everyone: professional body builders, first-time gym-goers and everybody in between. That’s because a faster recovery and a pure, quality product is something that you deserve, no matter where you’re at in your fitness game.

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