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Live Lean Pro HP100 Latest Reviews

As an ex special forces soldier of 13 years, I’ve trained hard and used protein and sports supplements my whole life. The Live Lean PRO system, HP-100 protein and GH100 are unlike anything I’ve ever used. 

The results speak for themselves. I’ll use Live Lean PRO supplements for life. End of story.

Danny Van

I’ve been in the industry for years. Supplements come and go, but one company that guarantees their products and somehow improves an already superior product is LLP.

There’s nothing like it on the market!

Do yourself a fav and check out their products. Innovation in the health food supplement industry, with a quality that will exceed your expectations.

Amanda Jane Garitty

I’ve been using LLP products throughout my body building career.

I can give you my utmost word that I’ve never used or seen any better.

Adam Blinoff

LLP has the highest quality products I’ve ever seen. Their super fine grain is great for my sensitive gut.

I use HP100 in my cooking. It makes the best fluffy protein pancakes!

Sophie Hull

I first started using HP100 ten years ago.

It’s the best quality protein powder on the market.

I’ll never use anything else now.

Jacob Spiteri

It is the best! I highly recommend!

HP100 is the only protein in the market I take regularly.

Christina Ramon

I’ve tried all the major brands, claiming they have the best ingredients and no filler.

Each one of them bloated me and made me feel uncomfortable. When I questioned their product, their excuse was: “Your body has to get used to it”. In actual fact your body can’t break down the whey protein when it’s been processed poorly. It’s an poor excuse.

LLP products are so pure that this isn’t an issue – especially the HP100. It’s the first protein I’ve ever tried with no stomach issues or any other problems.

Ang Vassallo

When the person behind the brand can personally to talk to you about their products, you know it’s for real.

I walked by LLP at fitness expo and talked to Peter (the founder) himself. I was very pleased – he showed me Nano Creatine instantised without any residue.

I bought one then and there, and was lucky to get some more at my gym.

Stacey Lagana

Congratulations, and thank you for the support over the years, Peter.

The supplement industry is highly unregulated, and choosing a product can be overwhelming. Peter, the founder of LLP, really cares, and has been super passionate in delivering the highest quality suppliments.

It definitely puts your mind at ease choosing this product to assist your training needs.

Karl Di Falco