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The Finest Team

Glen Jarvis

Co-Founder, CEO

Clinton Kopittke

Co-Founder, COO

Clynton Blacklaws

Co-Founder, Chairman

Peter Memete

Co-Founder. Chief Scientist & Leader of Product Development

Steven J. Wong

Co-Founder, Director of Global Partnership & Activations

Ben Lightfoot

Co-Founder, Founding Partner & Head of Marketing

Sayed Baharun

Executive Vice President

Alex Curson

Co-Founder, Lead Videographer & Animator

Nathan Wheeler

Co-Founder, Head of Global Distribution

Lee Hagen

Co-Founder, Head Photographer

Harry Grigsby

Co-Founder, Head Photographer

Allen Grigsby

Co-Founder, Head Photographer

Ben Johnston

Co-Founder, Founding Partner, Ventures and Partnerships

Doina Memete

Co-Founder, Administrator

Trevor Kohli

Co-Founder, Business Development Manager

Natasha Lay

Event Operation Manager

Neill Andrews

Co-Founder, Designer

Olga Kovtun

Chief E-Commerce Operations