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The Finest Story

Imagine having food that’s absorbed straight into your body without the need for digestion. It would be like having nutrients fed straight into your blood system via an intravenous drip. You would be able to feed your body optimum amounts of nutrition for long life and health. People with restricted digestive functions would be able to enjoy a normal diet again. Your body would be able to get optimum amounts of nutrients at critical times when it needs them, like during physical exercise.

Well, that time has come! An Australian company, LiveLeanPRO has developed a technology that could well change our diets forever. Aptly named NANO Technology, Nano being from the measurement smaller than micro, this technology takes materials that are manufactured in powdered form and transforms them into tiny particles many times smaller than the original size, but keeps the integrity of the material. With the particles being so tiny, they are able to pass through cell membranes allowing assimilation straight into your body.


For the first time ever, we at Live Lean PRO are bringing our technology directly to you. However, the most powerful muscle building nano peptide extract protein of all time wasn't invented overnight.


Before bringing Live Lean PRO HP100 to the market, Peter Memete inventor of HP100 and co founder of Live Lean PRO - put time, care and evolutionary science into developing and (literally) refining the extract for two decades.


...That's almost as old as some of our customers. This all happened in Australia: a place known around the world for the most trustworthy, pure products and health of the highest standard. Anyone who knows their protein including other companies will tell you that HP100 is the benchmark for quality, purity and product performance. We are prouder of this than anything, and are hell bent on leading the entire health and fitness industry into a future where everyone can reach an entirely new level to become the Finest You possible That's our mission, we cannot stop till we achieve it, because it's what we all deserve. And it's about time.


Live Lean PRO is not just built on our incredible Nano technologies, we will show you so much more. Our company was founded on going to the highest level possible across every minute detail, every concept, every message and each ingredient with a pure heart for something always amazing.


Our desire to drive to our ever increasing level of performance of purity, quality and safety of our products to create your Finest You lifestyle experience comes from our deep rooted integrity and level of commitment that's enabled us to invent this next frontier of how health and fitness is experienced.


The perfect example of our extreme values is best demonstrated by our relentless pursuit of perfection in the process of making HP100. Bear in mind we don't need to go to this level to have sales success. We would only have to go to the level of our competitors and take only days to flavour, pack and tub basic cheap protein and flood the market with great branding and marketing telling you how amazing our protein is to make money knowing it doesn't work. But how would you know? You wouldn't because you have never had the real muscle building peptide extract to compare the rest of them to.


That's the story of the age old protein powder industry till today. HP100 will blow you away from the moment you hold the tub, how different, amazing and physically effective it is, results you can see and feel in just days. Results you have been training for all this time that now you can have.


Now to kick it off, we procure only the highest quality raw whey protein available, which is always more expensive than the rest. Then we spend time. Now time is the most precious commodity we have next to money, but we spend our resources and the time necessary to apply our Nano filtrations without restraint. Across peptide separation and reduction of peptide size thousands of times smaller ensures HP100 passes directly through the membrane of your throat, oesophagus and stomach lining.


To make HP100 bypass digestion in the stomach so it gets absorbed directly into your system and straight to your muscle at full potency ensuring maximum effect with zero waste: takes every ounce of process perfection, innovation and precision without compromise, without restraint and with the Finest You attitude in every Live Lean PRO team member to deliver something always special. This is the raw snapshot of what Live Lean PRO is made of, behind the label, behind the brand and into the essence of exactly what makes us do what we do, unmatched at every level for you to become the Finest You.