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Nano Technology

LiveLeanPRO is the first company in the world to develop highly advanced in house NANO Technology to be used in the sports nutrition industry. This advanced technology is so revolutionary it will forever change the way we view sports nutrition. This technology opens up a new era of super advanced supplements, never thought possible. Products of the highest quality, purity and potency, that only other supplement companies can dream of.


Beyond any doubt the LiveLeanPRO product range is the most advanced sports nutrition in the world and in a league of its own when compared to any other sports supplements of similar type on the market. No other products come close to their performance, purity or efficiency. The reason why; LiveLeanPRO products incorporate a new technology in producing the sports nutrition material. A technology so revolutionary, it will change the way we produce nutritional materials and the way we view the nutritional supplements. This new technology LiveLeanPRO have called ‘NANO Technology’.

Manufactured products are made from atoms. The properties of those products depend on how those atoms are arranged. If we rearrange the atoms in coal we can make diamond. If we rearrange the atoms in sand (and add a few other trace elements) we can make computer chips. If we rearrange the atoms in dirt, water and air we can make potatoes. We can also separate the molecules in the potatoes back to atoms of dirt, water and air.

Todays manufacturing methods are very crude at the molecular level. Casting, grinding and milling move atoms in great thundering statistical herds. It's like trying to make things out of LEGO blocks with boxing gloves on your hands. Yes, you can push the LEGO blocks into great heaps and pile them up, but you can't really snap them together the way you'd like. Pulling blocks apart is a bigger mess, not allowing separation at a specific join.

NANO technology lets us take off the boxing gloves. We are able to snap together the fundamental building blocks of nature easily, inexpensively and in most of the ways permitted by the laws of physics. We can also dissemble or separate these building blocks back into their individual bricks. Existing manufactured materials can be re-engineered into molecular sized particles. This same technology which is used to continue the revolution in computer hardware beyond about the next decade can also let us fabricate an entirely new generation of nutritional products that are cleaner, stronger, lighter and more precise. Being of such small particle size allows for faster, more efficient assimilation of the nutritional products into our body. The longer a nutritional supplement sits in your digestive system, the more chance it has at being attacked by stomach acid, enzymes and bacteria.

It's worth pointing out that the word "nanotechnology" has become very popular and is used to describe many types of research where the characteristic dimensions are less than about 1,000 nanometers. For example, continued improvements in computer chip design have resulted in circuit widths that are less than one micron. This work is often called "nanotechnology." This same particle size can also be achieved with the nutritional supplements. Using this technology, we can manufacture precise proteins and peptides with mole quantities of amino elements that are molecular in both size and precision and can be interconnected in complex and highly idiosyncratic patterns. Only NANO Technology allows us do this.

When it's unclear from the context whether we're using the specific definition of "nanotechnology" (given here) or the broader and more inclusive definition (often used in the literature), we'll use the terms "molecular nanotechnology" or "molecular manufacturing."

Whatever we call it, in regards to the nutritional product definition, the following guidelines should be adhered;

  • Get essentially every atom in the right place.
  • Make almost any structure consistent with the laws of physics that we can specify in molecular detail.
  • Have manufacturing costs not greatly exceeding the cost of the required raw materials and energy.
  • Particles produced by definition are no more than 10 microns in size.

With NANO Technology, in regards to sports supplements and nutritional products, a single ingredient or element can be produced under 1 micron in size. This exciting new technology allows us to produce materials that are absorbed directly into our body, passing through membranes straight into our bloodstream.



In nature, the makeup of nutritional materials is complex. From the humble potato with it’s long chain glucose molecules forming starches to the amino acids forming complex proteins as found in a piece of steak. To absorb the nutrition from these foods our body has developed an extensive ‘digestive system’ to break down the nutritional material into its base form so it can be absorbed into our bodies and be used within our physiology. This is done by our digestive system producing and containing substances which act on the food and supplement particles breaking it down small enough to be absorbed. Our digestive system produces bile, which acts on fats to break it down into tiny globules so it can be absorbed into our body and also we produce various enzymes to break down proteins and carbohydrates. Any nutritional materials that are not broken down fully by the enzymes are then passed to bacteria in our digestive system whose job is to break down the remaining particles. Unfortunately, because bacteria are living organisms like ourselves, to survive they need nutrition like us. Thus they pinch some of it for their own needs. Therefore our digestive system can become very inefficient. Another problem with this system however, is that it is not controlled. That is to say, for example, if a food or supplement contains an important nutrient for our body, but it is contained within the structure of that food or supplement, how are the enzymes going to know when to stop breaking down the food or supplement when that nutrient structure has been reached? Also, if that food is very complex in structure and the enzymes don’t break it down fully, bacteria then have the job of breaking it down. The answer is the enzymes and bacteria don't know when to stop breaking down the nutritional material when they come across an important nutrient. It's a game of hit and miss. Most likely, the nutrient is further broken down into its base components and its health benefits are lost!

NANO Technology allows us to bypass this system by manufacturing exact nutrients whose particle sizes are smaller than what our digestive system can produce which allows for direct absorption straight into our body. No more being mislead by food and nutritional companies saying that their product contains X nutrient or Y nutrient only to find that none of it, or maybe only a small portion of it, will actually enter our body because of the processing it undergoes in our digestive system.

Another problem, especially with nutritional supplements, even though they may be an isolation of X nutrient or Y nutrient, the particle sizes of the supplement material are still too big to be absorbed directly into our bodies. This is because when the material is manufactured, 1 particle of the material may be made up of 1000 molecules of the X nutrient or Y nutrient. It still has to be broken down within our digestive system to be absorbed. This process takes time because it must become soluble to be absorbed. Some of the nutrients will be absorbed through ionisation of the material through increased osmotic effects of water being drawn into the intestinal area to dissolve some of the particles, while the rest are then excreted out of our body. ‘X nutrient or Y nutrient then goes down the toilet!’

NANO Technology allows us to isolate X nutrient or Y nutrient into particles small enough to be fully absorbed, so you get maximum health benefits from it.


In the world of supplementation, it sounds good to have a great formulation, but that formulation must also reach the parts of the body that can utilize it. It needs to get in there quickly and with a sufficient dosage to achieve its purpose. Otherwise it’s useless. This makes the absorption rate of the supplement so important. LiveLeanPRO have developed the ‘NANO Technology’ to create products with extremely high absorption to enable the supplement to reach the bloodstream and muscles more efficiency, producing a greater effect. Supplements that are easily absorbed are usually safer because there is less stress on the digestive system and wasted material does not have to be expelled through the liver and kidneys.


For a supplement to work effectively, the right amount must be presented to the right place in the human body. To get there it must pass through cell membranes. The speed and extent of which it moves through those cell membranes is described as absorption rate. The amount of the supplement that reaches central circulation is described as the ‘bioavailability’ of that supplement. Example; something that is administered intravenously has, by definition, a bioavailability of 100%, because all of it reaches central circulation.

As mentioned before, the biggest factor determining the absorption rate of a supplement is its particle size. Normally, nutritional materials need some sort of transport system to bind to them to help transport them through membranes. But it has been found that the smaller the particle size of the material, in the range of the nano scale, the more electrostatic it becomes. The materials characteristic now resembles that of an electrolyte, having ion type properties which allow it to diffuse through membranes. For a nutrient, medicine or food to be any use to you, it must be able to pass through your cell membranes. Its ability to do this governs its journey to its site of action in your body. Supplements that are not on a nano scale, i.e.; the particles are too big, cannot easily enter cells.

Not everything you ingest orally must pass through your digestive system. Oral or sublingual absorption occurs when extremely small particles of a nutrient are taken into the body through the mouth tissue. In this part of the body, blood capillaries are very close to the surface. Anything absorbed this way travels into the carotid artery in seconds. From there it is transported throughout the body. It’s the fastest way to get nutrients into your body. Nutrients absorbed this way have a bioavailability of 100%. Because of the particle size of the ‘NANO Technology’ material, it is easily absorbed into blood capillaries in our mouth and membranes, which line our throat, stomach and intestinal lining. This extremely small particle size also allows for the material to be completely soluble, the same characteristics that ions possess. Therefore, the bioavailability of ‘NANO Technology’ supplement materials is 100%.


Imagine having food that’s absorbed straight into your body without the need for digestion. It would be like having nutrients fed straight into your blood system via an intravenous drip. You would be able to feed your body optimum amounts of nutrition for long life and health. People with restricted digestive functions would be able to enjoy a normal diet again. Your body would be able to get optimum amounts of nutrients at critical times when it needs them, like during physical exercise.

Well, that time has come! An Australian company, LiveLeanPRO has developed a technology that could well change our diets forever. Aptly named NANO Technology, Nano being from the measurement smaller than micro, this technology takes materials that are manufactured in powdered form and transforms them into tiny particles many times smaller than the original size, but keeps the integrity of the material. With the particles being so tiny, they are able to pass through cell membranes allowing assimilation straight into your body.


For years now, other supplement companies have used HP100 as the benchmark for protein quality and as a gauge for products of their own. Now HP100 has taken the next step in protein evolution, leaving all other protein supplements beyond reach. In fact the technology that has gone into the new HP100 is 10 years more advanced than any hydrolysed protein on the market. LiveLeanPRO's NANO-Peptide Extract is now the benchmark for all protein powders, far superior in technology to traditional Hydrolysed Protein Isolate in terms of purity and effectiveness. If you are not using a NANO Peptide Extract, then you are not optimising your muscle building potential. HP100 can supply all of your protein needs helping to optimise muscle recovery and growth.

HP100 is a very low fat and carbohydrate protein formula, uniquely developed for athletes. This formula is specifically designed in order to help increase sports performance as well as optimising recovery time and lean muscle growth. HP100 may also help in the general area of optimising health and well-being.


Today we have a better understanding of what makes muscles grow. For muscle growth to take place a combination of mechanisms are involved. First it must sustain some sort of micro damage so it can adapt and repair allowing it to get bigger and stronger. Constant eccentric and concentric contractions as seen with weight training can cause this. Genetic cellular signalling is also involved in the process. Stem Cells which line the muscle fibre must be activated and allowed to mature in order for them to incorporate into the muscle fibre and register as muscle gain. The activation and maturation of the stem cells is controlled by peptides. If the body has a constant supply of these peptides the muscle recovers, repairing itself, getting bigger and stronger, but only if another peptide protein that is produced by our DNA is lowered or blocked allowing for growth. This peptide protein is called Myostatin. Myostatin is part of the TGF-beta family of proteins, which seemingly play a part in the rest of the body’s ability to restrict growth and repair. Today we have reached a stage where we can design peptides that have specific binding sites allowing us to block myostatin as well as promoting peptides that can activate, mature and feed stem cells. These Peptides are found in the new HP100 NANO Peptide Extract.


After training, restoration of blood glucose and energy is the no.1 priority of our physiology. Unless the right material is present, the body will mobilise and sacrifice muscle protein (amino acids) in an attempt to restore energy levels. This then effects muscle recovery and growth. To provide the optimal environment for recuperation and growth we must supply a high concentration of amino acids, specialised peptides and growth factors immediately after training to stimulate protein synthesis and activate genetic pathways that lead to muscle growth. The problem is most proteins are too slow to enter muscle cells directly after training because they have to be digested and growth factors are destroyed. HP100 however overcomes this problem and is the only protein to do so. HP100 was designed using advanced 'NANO' technology, providing specific intact NANO isolated peptides with an array of amino acids, including high levels of BCAA's, ready for immediate absorption. When taken straight after training, muscle cells literally ‘gorge’ themselves full of peptide amino acids provided by HP100 to signal anabolism within the muscle, activating stem cells which will mature and grow into a muscle fiber making the muscle bigger and stronger. This provides accelerated maximum muscle growth and recovery.


Our NANO Peptide HP100 is so pure and fine it must be put into the containers by hand. You will notice as soon as you open the container how extremely fine the powder is, this is due to the NANO technology process that removes any impurities at the smallest possible molecular level. You, our customer, are left with the finest and most pure protein on the market. The result; is 100% uptake into your muscles, joints and cells, meaning no upset stomach and maximum health benefits. 

The greater the speed a protein can be absorbed within your body, the better you will be able to recover. If you are using a protein after training for recovery and muscle growth and don’t put on any muscle within 14 days, the protein is being absorbed too slowly, therefore you are using the wrong product and wasting your money. It has been scientifically proven that fast absorbing protein's like HP100, when taken frequently induce an anabolic growth effect where as slower absorbing proteins only prevent muscle tissue loss.


You may have noticed that other proteins cause stomach discomfort and bloating. This is because the digestive enzymes produce partially broken down protein from complex and poorly processed protein, including milk, which then pass down through the digestive chain to be broken down by bacteria. Lactose has the same effect which causes digestive problems. Due to the action of bacteria breaking down the proteins and lactose, hydrogen sulphide and other products of putrefaction are produced, causing bloating and flatulence. However with HP100 this problem is nonexistent. The peptides that are in HP100 have been isolated and separated from impurities, including lactose, which is part of the NANO Technology process. Because HP100's peptides come from fully ‘hydrolysed whey’ and are in a NANO form, its specific proteins are absorbed straight away with no side effects, including; upset stomach or bloating.


A lot of people judge a protein by the amount of amino acids it has per serving. This is true in regards to comparing the amount of protein in the product against another but it is not related to the performance of the product or the amount of ‘bio-active’ peptides in the protein. It’s the ‘bio-active’ peptides that have the specific functions within our body. The amino acids are the building blocks for those peptides. How those amino acids are arranged determine what peptides are formed. There are millions of combinations for the peptides, ones that are used by the body, ones that are not used and ones that are dangerous and toxic. It is the ones that are used in the body that we should be interested in. Unless these are in an isolated form then the possibility of them being absorbed intact is very remote as discussed earlier. Therefore, it is the amount and type of isolated peptides which governs the best protein and not the quantity of protein or the amino acid profile.

Live Lean PRO performance materials are the evolution of sports nutrition. This extraordinary technology unlocks the human body's ability to reach new levels of performance not previously possible.