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You have never experienced anything like this...


The original NANO Technology Fine Powder.


The purpose of protein powders is to aid recovery. The finer the powder, the better the absorption, the faster the recovery, and the quicker you can smash your goals.

You only absorb around 16% of most protein powders. You lose up to 84% of it through digestion. Thanks to nano filtration, hydrolysis and peptide separation (allowing membrane-level absorption) the 3500x smaller peptide size of HP100 allows up to a 99.9% uptake to your muscle.

More powerful doesn’t have to mean less digestible. HP100 is gentle on the body (no bloating, no digestive stress, faster recovery, allergen friendly, lactose and gluten free) but still gives you results within 14 days.

The Finest You Story


The Finest You Story