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The Perfect Main Meal Preparation for the Finest You

The Perfect Main Meal Preparation for the Finest You - Live Lean PRO®

Written by LiveLeanPro Company

“When it comes to nutrition, consistency is king. Preparing your main meals day-in and day-out is the secret to taking your fat loss results to the elite level”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or a passionate fitness gym goer looking to lose weight and build muscle to the sports enthusiasts all the way to improving your bodily health as you age, preparation and consistency of your nutrition are key to optimizing results from any workout or fitness regimen. This means structuring the best program for your goals and following it every single day. But exercising is only part of the equation. The other vital component of your fitness plan is main meal preparation. Carefully planning what goes into your body is essential for getting the best results you deserve. Here are some of our best tips:

Simplify and Plan

Always simplify your meal preparation and follow a regular set of nutrition plans (such as found in the Finest You book) This ensures everything is taken care of ahead of time. Once you get used to a routine then there are absolutely no limits to how strong, ripped, lean and muscular you can get. Getting started with the basics on BodyForm into BodyRoc builds on those and achieving that elite-level conditioning that BodyMax delivers will be a natural next step for you.

When you prepare your workout meal, it doesn’t have to be bland. Learn to work around the food that you have and complement it with your HP100 finest protein. The more you know, the more you realize how easy it is to prepare dinners and lunches for yourself that complement your goals. When you get the hang of it, it will be fast, easy, delicious and fun - especially when you build it around your fitness routine and those results start showing faster than expected.

Structure your food Portions

Standardize your meal plan so it increases protein and fats portions while cycling carbohydrate portions to achieve the results of building a lean toned body for females and for males developing a muscular and lean physique while increasing strength. It's also essential to control portion sizes (See Portions chapter in The Finest You book). This takes out the weighing and measuring of foods and has you working off the correct portion sizes for your body's metabolism to fuel up your day across each meal to accelerate your results.

Dinner prep tip

It’s easy to prepare and cook dinner and lunch at the same time:


● Cook two chicken breasts pan-fried with a drop of oil. Pair it with a large spinach and rocket salad with tomatoes, onions, and capsicum.

● Eat half for dinner and put the other half in a container in the fridge for your lunch the next day.

Having perfect dinners and lunches day in and day out accelerates results like you wouldn’t believe. When you already have your food packed up and ready to go then there is no reason for you to stray into bad food choices elsewhere slowing your results down.

Incorporate the best Protein supplement possible

If you want optimal results, you need to pair good meals for lunch and dinner with a top-grade protein powder like HP100. Live Lean PRO's finest protein HP100 allows membrane-level absorption because the peptide size is reduced 3500x times smaller. The result is absolute maximum uptake into your body thanks to our New Technology of nano-filtration, hydrolysis, and peptide separation, you experience unmatched results you can see and feel in just 14 days


Be Flexible

Although following a strict set of plans is the key to success, you also have to be more flexible to adjust if need be. In this case, you don’t have to eat the same chicken dinner that you have all the time. You can always try other alternatives that provide similar nutritional requirements. Variety helps you enjoy eating for success. For example, you can replace chicken with fish and other lean meat as a protein substitute for ‘Main Meals’. Or try steaming or broiling your fish or chicken every second night to further accelerate fat loss, instead of pan-frying and…Always have your reward Meals to spice up your weekends and reward your efforts all week.

Be Consistent

Reaching fitness goals is about being consistent at all times. You have to start by following your meal preparation plan regularly so it will become your daily habit. At the end of the day, consistency is the ultimate secret to getting toned and ultra-lean.

If you want to learn more food preparation tips with HP100 to fit your fitness goals and workout regimen, follow the Live Lean PRO blog for more information. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list as well!

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