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The Finest You - Paperback Book by Glen Jarvis & Clinton Kaye

Welcome to THE FINEST YOU, the ultimate fat loss recipe which will see you get lean, toned or ripped beyond your wildest expectations. Be in total control, whilst increasing fat loss intensity every two weeks to deliver truly extraordinary results, 100% guaranteed. Now for the first time ever released into the mainstream, we share inside the full BodyMax competition nutrition methodology sharpening tool, that will get you totally ripped, lean and photoshoot ready.

Prepare to go beyond what you ever thought possible, indeed becoming THE FINEST YOU. Imagine no calorie counting, no logging what you eat, no RDI (recommended daily intake),no chicken and broccoli diet. Just super simple killer fat loss results you want. If you want to achieve something remarkable, then you must take yourself to a new place within yourself, where the results just happen on autopilot. THE FINEST YOU takes you there.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get your body into peak physical condition? How would you look and feel?
To know how those fitness competitors, instagram models and elite athletes manage to look so good?
To know how they achieve those ripping six pack abs, toned mid-sections and sculpted physiques?
Have you been training hard, eating healthy and yet no matter what you do, the desired results just never seem to come?

Wonder no more. Becoming THE FINEST YOU all comes down to ‘how’ effectively you can apply a specific nutritional formula, in combination with your training. The challenge is, that the majority of people, fitness professionals and athletes around the world, simply don’t know or understand truly how to apply or teach this magical balance, that delivers rapid and sustainable results.

As a result, THE FINEST YOU was created to communicate this in an easy and understandable manner. The unique, super simple, step-by-step blueprint guarantees your physical success. Through years of experience, experimentation and research, we have formulated and built what is considered to be the Ultimate Fat Loss Recipe for Life! This powerful formula deploys progressive carb-cycling phases, combined with competition nutrition phases for ultimate results.
THE FINEST YOU is 10-weeks in duration, with 3 progressive
phases, that combine to deliver elite fat loss results.

Welcome to THE FINEST YOU!

Phase 1 : BodyForm - 4 weeks - Fat Loss Initiation
Phase 2 : BodyRoc - 4 weeks - Advanced Fat Loss
Phase 3 : BodyMax - 2 weeks - Ultimate Lean Body
Plus : EssentialTool Kit - Nutrition, Fitness & Supplementation